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Who am I?


Camille Lamouille

Trainer in Positive Psychology

& Graphic Facilitator

A creative, optimistic and determined woman, I am now certified trainer in Positive Psychology and graphic facilitator at Elveor, a consulting firm that supports individual, collective and organizational transformations.

A former professional moaner, getting certified as a practitioner in Positive Psychology in my work was a real initiation quest that helped me meet true authenticity, discover my strengths and understand that happiness does not fall from the sky but requires one to cultivate it! My wish is to share in this blog the benefits of this discipline, whether they are personal and / or professional, through my articles, research and discoveries.

I am passionate about painting, I love traveling, meditating, swimming... I enjoy quiet moments in life such as contemplating the endless horizon of the sea, or relaxing in the fields of olive tree in Tuscany with a glass of wine!
All that together, I am in heaven!